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Ban Kenji and the PreCure Perspective

One of the most interesting things about HeartCatch PreCure from a fandom standpoint is how the show is lauded for its visuals, primarily its stylistic approach rather than its substance. Despite the unique visual fingerprint of Yoshihiko Umakoshi’s involvement with the show, it certainly does not have the same level of cinematic nuance that its other sister franchises have; however, Heartcatch did have some nuanced moments from a composition standpoint that have nothing to do with unique colours or lines.

In episode 18, Ban Kenji is witness to a scene acted out between Erika and Tsubomi, who try to help Ban finish his PreCure manga. Halfway throughout the sequence, the visual style of the exchange between Erika and Tsubomi shifts between the usual in-universe look with that of a paneled manga. It adds a nice dramatic effect to the scene itself, but what makes this particular sequence more layered than it leads on is how the shift coincides specifically with the change in perspective from the audience to Ban-kun’s.

Despite every misunderstanding relating to his public persona, Ban is an artist at the very core. The way he processes emotions and concepts in his head is completely visual, and those thoughts are best communicated in kind through the same medium. During this particular sequence though, the audience is privy to the way Ban perceives the world, which not only coincides with his visual tendencies, but it reinforces his enthusiasm for not only his craft, but his subject as well.

Ban-kun loves PreCure, and he loves it in a completely different way than I ever could. I love PreCure because of the way characters, ideas, and emotions are expressed differently and/or similarly across the different continuities throughout its history: specifically, from a meta-storytelling perspective. Ban loves the way he looks at PreCure and readily resonates at an emotional level to blocking and movement (also, the cute outfits) and all of the compositional components that communicate the mythos of PreCure from a visual standpoint.

There’s a layer of storytelling and meaning behind the mythos that runs deep within the franchise, one that I couldn’t possibly convey in words alone. Ban-kun is the bridge into that world, and this episode was a wonderful glimpse into what Pretty Cure is about, simply by encouraging us to look at things the way Ban does.

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Ace in the Hole


I love DokiDoki! Precure’s Cure Ace, so I wrote a bit about her role in the series and why she works so well.

Enjoy! <3

It’s amazing how Dokidoki is at once an homage to its own franchise (as a 10th anniversary celebration series) and an homage to a number of other magical girl franchises as well. Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, you name it. This is a show for people who like magical girl shows. Just be a bit patient with the Regina parts, heh.

Anyways, go read it. It’s a fantastic post.

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